About us

How was the organization founded?

Yad Yissachar & Yitzchak was founded in 1999 by students and alumni of Yeshivat Kerem B’Yavneh, with the goal of extending a helping hand to all of our needy Jewish brethren.

All members of the organization work voluntarily.

Each application is checked in an orderly fashion, through filing forms and checking documents, to help those who truly need it.
Because our organization has minimal overhead, our donors can rest assured that their entire donation achieves its purpose and goes directly to those in need.

What do we do?


Distribution of weekly food packages

The organization distributes weekly to hundreds of families bountiful food packages, which include: staple food products, fruits and vegetables, and poultry.

The packages are packed and distributed to families by dozens of volunteers who donate their time to participate in this charitable activity on a regular basis.

The volunteers give the families more than just food: they come to their homes, hear their distress, and try to help in whatever ways possible.

Before the holidays, the organization increases its support of families in distress by distributing food vouchers and enhanced food packages.


Visiting patients in medical centers

Every Friday, a group of volunteers goes to the Kaplan Medical Center. They bring joy to the patients with singing and musical instruments, and put Tefillin on patients who are interested. They hand out candies and distribute Shabbat candles to patients and their families, to help usher in Shabbat through joy and a prayer of healing all sick people of Israel.

Another group arrives on Motzei Shabbat to make Havdala. They pass through the various wards, especially the pediatric and oncology ones, with songs and great positive spirit, so that the patients can start the week anew with a good, refreshing feeling. In the children’s ward, they distribute toys and sweets that delight the young patients and their parents.

The organization understands the importance of support during these times, especially for those who have to be away from their families, and does everything it can to ease the difficulty and add joy.


Enrichment activities for children

Through this project, the organization enriches the spiritual and Torah life of children during the afternoon, in an special, experiential manner.

The organization employs coordinators who run the program, and build educational and value-based programs adapted for the children. During the sessions, the children learn the weekly Torah portion in a deep and experiential manner, are exposed to Torah concepts through games and activities, and learn and memorize Perkei Avot – Ethics of the Fathers. All this is done while giving personal attention to each student by experienced counselors from Yeshivat Kerem B’Yavneh, who invest significant energy and time in this project.


Activities to strengthen Jewish observance

Volunteers help wherever possible to strengthen Jewish observance. The organization purchases tefillin for Bar Mitzvah children from needy families, and helps hospital patients put on tefillin.

Volunteers teach the Torah reading and halacha to Bar Mitzvah boys, celebrate donning tefillin, distribute Sabbath candles to women and girls, and teach Torah lessons to a wide range of people. The organization aims to strengthen Judaism among all those who seek it, and its volunteers go far to wherever they can impact positively.

Every week kollel students from Yeshivat Kerem B’Yavneh learn with laymen of the city of Yavneh. The learning, which is run by the organization, forms and meaningful bond between the kollel students and laymen, and deepens the connection to Judaism.


Charity activities in schools

The organization sets up special bins to collecting food products in schools in collaboration with the educational system, and thus inculcates giving from a young age. The organization also conducts other chesed projects in schools, such as preparing Purim moshloach manot deliveries for the sick and needy, and more.

Another project of the organization in schools is preparing and distributing sandwiches for needy students to eat during recess time.


Gross Fund for emergency payments of electric, water, and medical bills

Needy families in that require immediate and urgent assistance receive funds for bills such as electricity, water, medicines, etc. The organization takes care for families who are facing a electric cut-off, and purchases baby products for families who are unable to purchase them. In this way, we help many people who would otherwise be left without their basic needs.


Activities in Aliya absorption centers

The volunteers come to immigrant centers and serve as ambassadors to strengthen Jewish tradition among the newcomers. The personal and intergenerational relationship meets the great need of the immigrants, and they find a significant connection to the Torah world through the organization’s activities.


Activities in drug rehabilitation facilities

Before the holidays, volunteers go to rehab centers to visit the residents there. In these difficult places, many people find interest and comfort in spiritual content, and the activities of the volunteers add great joy to their lives. The investment in the spiritual world of the residents creates meaning for them and gives them the strength to continue their struggle against addiction. Additionally, the organization organizes a Pesach Seder at rehab centers, an event that emotionally touches participants every year.


Activities for at-risk youth

Rehabilitation youth come to volunteer at the organization and help distribute food packages. This participation gives them meaning, and allows them to absorb values ​​of chesed and giving. The organization understands that the giver is enriched by his volunteering, and is interested in encouraging this cycle to help the youth find their place as contributing members of society.


Helping the Elderly and Chronically ill